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Places To Visit In Chandigarh

Posted by Admin on March, 09, 2020

20 Best Places to visit in Chandigarh in 2020 Exclusive List

best Places to visit in Chandigarh

Nature is the most precious gift given by God to humanity. Everyone loves to dwell at the place where there are enticing places to visit, low crime rate, favourable climatic conditions, lush green trees everywhere, no waste scattered on roads and people obey the rules.

Do you know any such place to visit or live?

Yes, there is one PARADISE, and it is called CHANDIGARH.

When a combination of beauty and nature comes to mind, I don't think anyone can overlook CHANDIGARH.

Chandigarh, the capital of PUNJAB and HARYANA and also called the "THE CITY BEAUTIFUL" and entirely designed by French architect " Le Corbusier". It's one of the greenest cities in India with some parks, open spaces, perfect design, clean surroundings, gardens, and lakes, etc. that make it an ideal place to dwell and travel. Everything is so well managed here from A to Z that makes this city the first choice for foreigners and locals.

Moreover, the four primary functions of the city are to promote healthy clean living, good working conditions, care of body and soul and proper circulation of traffic in a disciplined way.

If you have recently landed here and looking to travel in CHD but not sure where to go, don't fret we are here to your rescue. Various tempting attractions here keep people hooked with this city. There are myriad choices to visit in Chandigarh that overwhelms every tourist with joy. Starting from the alluring Rock Garden, Rose Garden, Chandi Devi temple to Amb Sahib Gurudwara and many more ensure you leave from here with a bunch of beautiful memories.

Best Places to Visit in Chandigarh in 2020

There are many best places in Chandigarh to explore that fill your soul with happiness. We have jotted down the most enchanting ones for you:

  • Garden of Fragrance

    Garden of Fragrance

    • Timing

    • :
    • 9am - 9pm

    • Distance

    • :
    • 2.6Km - ISBT 17, 3.1Km - ISBT 43

    Who doesn't like to be at a place where the mesmerizing aroma of flowers soothes your mind and soul? Everybody wants to right so in Chandigarh there is one such place called " Garden of Fragrance ". It is located in Sector-36 and was built in 1998. As the name clears, here you can find a wide variety of plants such as Haar Shingar, Raat ki Rani, Champa, Demask Rose, Motia and various types of Jasmine. Park has beautiful surroundings that offer a delightful location for people to walk or stroll.

    The whole scene pleases the eyes and refreshes the soul. It is also known as "Fragrance Garden" that serves as an ideal place for a picnic or spending time with friends or family. This garden is a convenient place for early risers and those who love to walk or jog in the morning. Even in the evening, many people can be found here

    People often come here in the morning or evening for a walk, physical exertion, jogging or to relax. There can be no better place than the Fragrance Garden for health freaks who also want to enjoy the beauty of nature along with it. People consider this garden as one of the best gardens in Chandigarh due to its beauty, well maintained, tracks, free parking, and swings for children. There is even an open gym in the garden. Tour to the Garden of Fragrance is a must if you are living in the city or has come as a tourist.
    Timings are 5 AM to 8 PM.

  • Topiary Park

    Topiary Park

    • Timing

    • :
    • 24 hrs

    • Distance

    • :
    • 2.7Km - ISBT 17, 3.1Km - ISBT 43

    Would you love to visit a park where plants are beautifully carved into different art forms?

    Yes indeed, there is one such park named Topiary Park established in 1987 at Sector 35, Chandigarh. Even from the name, it is clear that here you can get a glimpse of different topiaries in animals shape and other ornamental plants too. These all add more charm to this park.

    If you are in Chandigarh, you will find yourself surrounded by nature's beauty and its aura. For spending a fun-filled time along with large plants carved into animals like bear, elephant and other that let you play hide and seek here without getting found. Here children often come with their parents to enjoy and sit in the lap of nature.

    If you are looking for an excellent place to take your kids, then Topiary Park is the first choice. This place is filled with green plants and a treat for nature lovers. Moreover, you need not pay any fee to enter this park. The people from nearby places come here for morning/evening walk or other physical exertion activities.

  • New lake Chandigarh

    New lake Chandigarh

    • Timing

    • :
    • 6am - 10pm

    • Distance

    • :
    • 1.8Km - ISBT 17, 5.5Km - ISBT 43

    Do you know apart from sukhna lake there is one more lake to visit? Yes, its name is New lake and located in Sector 42, Chandigarh and occupies an area of nearly 3 acres. Most of the people are not acquainted with this place. Here the painters and photographers can often be seen capturing the elegant of sunset, clouded sky or early morning dew on plants that make this place more serene and favourable for everyone.

    Though the Sukhna and New lake can't be compared still, it's a present for the Chandigarh dwellers. Currently, the crowd over New Lake Chandigarh is quite less as compared to before, but again, families and couples can be seen here spending time. Moreover, New lake Chandigarh is famous for festivals like Chatt puja or other religious rituals. Even the administration has itself declared this place for religious activities and worship. Visit this place now and feel the different ambience. It's expected that in the coming future, it will attract more visitors both nationally and internationally.

  • Leisure valley Chandigarh

    Leisure valley Chandigarh

    • Timing

    • :
    • 24 hrs

    • Distance

    • :
    • 3.2Km - ISBT 17, 8Km - ISBT 43

    Chandigarh city is loaded with lush green trees, beautiful parks with serene ambiance and various themed gardens that uplift the beauty and spirit of this city. Le Corbusier designed Chandigarh city and retained the wiped off the seasonal valley and constructed parks over the original site. It is known by the name " Leisure Valley Chandigarh and is eight kilometers in length. The parks start from Sector 1 located in the north and end at the southern edge in Sector 53. Le Corbusier planned this city resonating with humans and leisure valley adds more life to Chandigarh. About 2000 acres area was devoted to these parks development out of 20,000 acres. These gardens and parks are collectively known as Leisure Valley Chandigarh.

    Every park has its name and central striking features.

    Chandigarh Leisure valley includes the following parks:

    • Rajendra Park, Sector 1

    • Bougainvillea Garden, Sector 3

    • Fitness Trails, Sector 10

    • Zakir Rose Garden, Sector 16

    • Shanti Kunj, Sector 16

    • Hibiscus Garden, Sector 36

    • Children Traffic Park, Sector 23

    • Garden of Fragrance, Sector 36

    • Smriti Upavan, Sector 1

    • Botanical Garden, Sector 14

    • Terraced Garden, Sector 33

    • Topiary Park, Sector 35

    Moreover, the Leisure valley is the only valley in India that has different themed gardens and park in the whole city and attracts people from CHD and all parts of the country. Besides parks and gardens mentioned above, CHD has designated an area of 3245 Hectares of space for a forest. This area can be found around Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden, and Sukhna Cho. Its one of the best places to visit in Chandigarh to feel the aura of this city.

  • Famous Places to see in Chandigarh

  • Rose Garden

    Rose Garden

    • Timing

    • :
    • 6am - 8pm

    • Distance

    • :
    • 2.8Km - ISBT 17, 5.6Km - ISBT 43

    Rose denotes love and who doesn't love to be in the garden loaded with the rarest rose species. Starting off, the first place to visit is the most extensive botanical garden in Asia " Zakir Hussain Rose Garden" also known as Rose Garden, and it occupies an area of 30 acres. This place is a Paradise for the Floraphile. Here, you can find nearly 1600 exquisite varieties of roses along with some medicinal herbs. The fountains add beauty to the surroundings, you can sit around the fountain and feel the drizzle on you.
    It is located in sector 16. Moreover, the pleasing aroma of roses soothes the mind and soul. Being one of the most visited places in Chandigarh, every year immense people visit this garden to feel the perfect blend of colors of nature and flower beauty.

  • Rock Garden

    Rock Garden

    • Timing

    • :
    • 9am - 7:30pm (Summer)

      9am - 6pm (Winter)

    • Distance

    • :
    • 4.2Km - ISBT 17, 15Km - ISBT 43

    Rock Garden is a perfect epitome of art pieces patchwork and various sculptures made from home, industrial or any waste. It is situated in THE CITY BEAUTIFUL's sector one near Sukhna Lake. Rock Garden was designed by Nek Chand, who was a former Road Inspector in Chandigarh. It is also known as Nek Chand's Rock Garden. It was opened to the public in 1976 and spread over an area of 25 acres.

    Initially, Nek Chand started working on this garden without letting anyone know. The site where Rock Garden stands now was earlier a dumping place, and from here only Nek Chand picked up different waste materials to carve them into beautiful masterpieces that seem realistic with alluring embellishments on them. He single-handedly built this place in his free time, and now it has become a sign of novelty, imagination, and dedication. It has nearly 5,000 statues with fences and is now considered as the prime tourist attractions of Chandigarh. Teej festival is celebrated here with a lot of pride and joy by women.

  • Sukhna Lake

    Sukhna Lake

    • Timing

    • :
    • 5am - 9pm

    • Distance

    • :
    • 7.1Km - ISBT 17, 9.8Km - ISBT 43

    If you are living in Chandigarh or ever have been to this place, then you must be familiar with a most exotic place here, i.e., SUKHNA LAKE. It is located at the foothills of Shivaliks. Sukhna means wish-fulfilled.

    Sukhna Lake exhibits the perfect blend of nature's beauty and human creativity. It's entirely a human-made lake and one of the exquisite ones. It was es

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